Before you sail, please be aware of these things:

Sailing When Commercial Vessels are Present

DC Sail members, volunteer instructors and staff must stay clear of and give way to commercial vessels at all times. They pose a serious safety risk to our boats and our members. 

Docking and Rigging Checklist and Rules


  • Check to make sure all required safety equipment is on the boat
  • Sails and halyards attached
  • Jib sheets guided through blocks with figure-8 knot at the ends
  • Main sheet uncleated
  • Centerboard lowered
  • Tiller fitted into rudder


  • Request tow from dock staff.  Use VHF channel 69 to hail dock manager
    • Proceed under tow from inflatable
    • Once towed to the middle of the channel, steer boat upwind (inflatable will continue to tow you)
    • Once upwind, raise main sail
    • Raise jib sail
    • Proceed under sail
    • Bring dock/tow lines into boat


  • Request tow from dock staff.  Use VHF 69 to hail dock manager
    • Sail in middle of the channel until staff member brings inflatable aside your boat
    • Stay clear of all large powerboats 
    • Position boat into the direction of the wind
    • Lower sails
    • Steer boat into the marina while under tow
    • Maneuver boat into slip.
    • secure boat in slip with 1 bow, 1 stern line
    • De-rig boat


  • Center boat in slip with 1 bow line, 1 stern line
  • Roll Jib
  • Fold Main at second batten and roll. Secure to boom with at least sail ties
  • Boom is in boom crutch
  • Main sheet is coiled and out of the bilge
  • Centerboard raised
  • Tiller is secured with bungee cord
  • If this is the last rental of the day, cover boat with boat cover
  • Return VHF radio
  • Discard any trash
  • Report any problems with the boat


DC Sail will close if wind conditions render sailing our boats dangerous. The same holds true for thunderstorms and lightning. Learn More >>

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